Carpenter 舞姫 Maihime 60-175 Stickbait Topwater Lure

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The biggest feature of Maihime is that it is hard to be detected by fish. The target fish is tuna, amberjack, GT, yellowtail and all other fish species. There are many scenes where you feel that it is effective when the target fish and the lure are close to each other. Even if the water is deep, it is effective when the nabla and the target fish are rising. It is best that the rod is not too soft and not too hard for the lure load during action. When there are waves and it is difficult to operate the lure, a slightly softer rod or a longer rod is better.

 Model Length Weight Type Compatible Hook  Compatible Split Ring
Dancer 60-175 175 mm approx. 59g Floating approx. 5 g 150 lb


Total length of the rear portion of the metal part Not included. In addition, although there are some basic numbers in the design, the numbers are displayed with good sharpness.

* Similarly, the weight is basically a decent number in the design, but the number is sharp based on the weight without the hook attached.

* Some lures have the same shape but different weights depending on the type.

* There is a display of F floating / S sinking / SP suspend in the specification list. SP Suspend is not a strict underwater stop.

* Weight is per hook

* Split ring is made by Carpenter

* Compatible Please use the hook and split ring flexibly. (The above is a recommended design example)


① The target fish is large → Increase the needle and ring

② Want to give the lure buoyancy → Make the needle and ring smaller