Carpenter Damsel 90-170 Topwater Popper Lures

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" Damsel " is a modified version of the movement of "Damsel Original", which was born in January 2008. It is not an improved type, but the shape and the arrangement of weights have been changed to get the desired movement. This dam cell is very important to use. When it is effective, it is "flat water". It is when the sea surface is flat. Even swells are okay when there is a flat surface on the sea surface. Not suitable for waves with fine pitch differences. Also, it is good to operate near the surface of the water. This is also very important. Basically, low deck ships are the best. If there is a distance between the casting deck and the surface of the sea, it is better to operate with a long rod (8.6 to 8.8 feet). There are times when the popper works for both GT amberjack and tuna. If you try it when the pencil is not responding, it may have unexpected effects.

 Model Length Weight Type Compatible Hook  Compatible Split Ring
90-170 170 mm approx. 90 g Floating approx. 9g 250lb


* Weight is per hook

* Split ring is made by Carpenter

* Compatible hook & split ring is an opportunity Please be flexible. (The above is a recommended design example)


① The target fish is large → Increase the needle and ring

② Want to give the lure buoyancy → Make the needle and ring smaller