Carpenter Sea Leopard 80 / 33 Offshore Casting Fishing Rod

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“Sea Leopard 80/33” 

Line: PE-6

Max Drag: 10KG

Lure Max: 160g

is a rod recommend for those who want to start GT Fishing with a premium rod.

The reason is “Sea Leopard 80/33” is 33lb.  It is easy to handle because it is neither too light nor too heavy in the GT game .

The rod of “Sea Leopard 80/33” has a very light weight of 380g.

Lightness reduces fatigue and is easy to cast, so casting is very easy.

The rod action of “Sea Leopard 80/33” allows the lure to ride on the rod easily and the lure to fly with little force.

It is also highly versatile for lure types.

You can use various lures, such as pencil damsel sea frog and other popper GT sinking lures, as long as the load is suitable .

“Sea Leopard 80/33” will naturally lift the lift power of the rod when the rod is squeezed during the fight .

Anglers are very easy to tolerate when the fish goes wild and the rods are squeezed.

" Sea Leopard 80/33 ”has been tested as a GT rod, but because of the characteristics of the blank, I think it is highly versatile for fish species.

If we briefly describe the characteristics of “Sea Leopard 80/33”,

I think that this word is “very easy to use”.