CB ONE Rodeo Saltwater Floating Wooden Stickbait Lure

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CB ONE Rodeo 185mm Floating/wood weight-70g

CB ONE Rodeo 190mm Floating/wood weight-80g

CB ONE Rodeo 215mm Floating/wood weight-115g

The flooded horse "Rodeo" is fully remodeled with its performance polished. The high response dive & rise by the form that accelerated the moderate dive depth and the rise, and realize the high speed action of up-tempo unprecedented. After landing on the water surface, it slides quickly on the Z surface in the Z orbit, and dives, ascends, and squeezes the target with a quick flat flickering motion. This flickering action is effective for a high alert clever large size, and in the real fishing test, the tide was clear and clear, and it was more effective in the environment where it is easy to be overlooked.