Fuji EZ Series Non-Transparent Thread and Bobbin Holder Bundle

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EZ Threads - Non-Transparent + Bobbin Holder

This bundle include 5 x Non-Transparent EZ Series threads and 1 x EZ Series Bobbin Holder.  4512101999023

5 Colors - 

  • Black - EZTHM-S01 - 4512101337276
  • Red - EZTHM-S02 - 4512101337283
  • Blue - EZTHM-S03 - 4512101337290
  • Green - EZTHM-S04 - 4512101337306
  • Tea - EZTHM-S05 - 4512101337313

Length: 100m

The secret of EZ threads that simplifies guide wrapping.

A supple thread that collapses into a band when you wrap it around a rod and apply tension.

Non-slip material even on blanks and guides.

These two features have fundamentally revolutionized the way guides are wound.

EZ Bobbin Holder

That brings out the characteristics of EZ wrapping

The SiC ring which has been highly evaluated for many years is generously adopted as a guide ring, it reduces damage to threads even when winding up with strong tension.

Equiped with a drag function, it is possible to wrap while applying appropriate tension, which contributes to the guide holding power.

The compact body that fits in the palm of your hand is easy to grip and easy to operate and protects threads from greasy hands and rough hands.