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Ripple Fisher Aquila 82-3/6 MLT LIMITED Boat Casting Fishing Rod

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Ripple Fisher Aquila 82-3/6 MLT Special Edition Vermilion Red

Aquila MLT: The size of the fish is large, but because it preys on the tiny bait such as shirasu, it cannot be eaten unless the tackle is lightened, or the ship cannot be brought to the nervous tiny bait and it is thrown longer than usual It is a multi-purpose model created to capture the required situations. A new light tackle designed to maximize the line strength by fusing the contradictory elements of long-distance casting and operability of small lures and catching big ones without giving the initiative. It is a sensory rod. It is a model that can be said to be another culmination that complements the lineup of Ripple Fisher offshore rods.
* 2/4 of the model notation means that the rod class is PE4 Max and the tip feel is PE2 class model. (In the case of 3/6, tip PE3 class and bat PE6 class)

Aquila MLT 82-3/6 is a power-up model of MLT82-2 / 4, and is a PE6 class model that is also good at developing games that make full use of small lure lines. The tip has the same usability as a PE3 class rod, but the butt power is set to the PE6 class. In addition, compared to a normal 6-power class rod, it can be swung with a lighter force when casting, so the flight distance is increased and the casting accuracy is improved. It is possible to fight without giving the initiative to the fish while pulling the fish at the time of fighting. In the test fishing, Pe4 also landed about 47 kg of yellowfin tuna within about 10 minutes. It can be said to be the culmination of the current Ripple Fisher technology, which brings to fruition the power to lift and float fish, delicate lure operation, and long-distance casting performance at a high level. 

 Length Weight Section Lure Line Action
8ft 2in (Closed size 1785mm) 348g 2pcs / Grip-Joint Comfort Weight ※40~90g PE 3 ~ PE 6 Fast


Suitable reel size S ・D:8000 ~ 14000 / D:4500 ~ 5500
Grip length / 799mm (total grip length) ・ 500mm (from grip end to reel foot)
Blank tip diameter / 2.5mm (directly below top guide) ・ Blank base diameter / 13.8mm (Original diameter is the outer diameter of the fishing rod body 860mm from the bottom of the rod)
Reel seat / DPS20 (Fuji) Downlock
Grip end / BRC specifications

※Comfort Weight is stood for the weight of jigs that you will be able to jerk comfortably. It has not meant to be a value of maximum.