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Ripple Fisher Ocean Arrow Selfish SEB 624 Bait Model Jigging Rod

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Ripplefisher’s jigging rod series, the “Selfish” will be renewed as of 2020.

There will be 3 spinning models and 2 bait-casting models, each developed with their own new concepts.
The already existing 613S, 614S and 597S models are for the vertical jigging game and the 3 new models will specialize in a natural swimming (NS) diagonal jigging.
The 2 new bait models are categorized as sensitive bait (SEB) models.
These added models are developed to keep up with the demands from the ever changing jigging scene.
To slide the jig, swim the jig, naturally maneuver the jig to induce that “bite”.
All models have the inherited the characteristics of the Selfish series with the slim, light and sharp feeling able to cut through the current, yet possessing a contradicting powerful butt section.

The SEB (natural swim) type
- SEB633, SEB624
These are highly responsive bait models able to easily maneuver jigs simply or technically with various jerking methods. Anglers will be able to easily vary the tempo and speed of jerks capitalizing on the advantages of the bait tackle set up.

Jigging Rod Bending Curve
Static load comparison of Selfish,Ocean Arrow series (1kg,3kg load)

Here is an illustration of the bending curves of the rods ranging from PE2 class to PE4 class of the Selfish series with a static load of 1kg. The illustration below displays the bending curve of rods above PE4 specifications with a static load of 3kg. The Selfish NS are flexible rods designed to naturally swim the jig with the belly section instead of flicking the jig with the tip section done with other types of jigging rods. The Selfish SEB are bait-casting models with stiffer tips that are not only able to rhythmically flick jigs with the tip but also able to naturally swim the jig with the belly section of the blank depending on the angle of your line. The ordinary models are equipped with the ability to conduct one pitch jerking to high pitch short jerking depending on your preference. It is designed for vertically jigging so once the angle of the line is too acute, it may cause the jig to lose the tension.

Selfish Bending Curve

Selfish SEB 624

With the basic characteristics of the SEB633, we have set the bending point farther towards the tip and sharpened its manual maneuverability.
The strength of the blank is capable of sharply maneuvering jigs up to 220g.
This model is built with highly sensitive characteristics and to easily control the jigs and induce a bite when the angler can feel for a fish in pursuit, change in the layer of current or a subtle bite.
The reinforced butt power will control the massive thrashing of the fish running towards artificial fish reefs and rough rock formations while the powerful resilience and reeling by the angler will crank up 10kg class Kingfish.

Target Kingfish
Field Shore line, Shallow area~Depth~of~100m
Specification SiC-S Titanium frame K Guide (Fuji)


Length Weight Section Lure Line Action
6ft 2in (Closed Length:1890mm) 189g 1pc ComfortWeight 140~200g* MAX PE 4 Regular 


Suitable reel size   S: 2000 / D: 30~35
Grip length / A: 584mm(Grip full length) B: 479mm(From grip end to reel foot)
Dia of tip / 2.4mm(Just below top guide) Dia of butt / 8.7mm (Butt diameter measured 680mm from the bottom)
Reel seat / TCS18(Fuji) Down Lock
Grip end / EVA
*Comfort Weight is stood for the weight of jigs that you will be able to jerk comfortably. It has not meant to be a value of maximum.