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Ripple Fisher Ocean Ridge Final Spirit GT 79 Nano

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As you can imagine from the naming of the FINAL SPIRIT series, the two models standout from the rest of the GT lineup as it possesses outstanding power.  While it maintains the controllability of the lures, lightness for handling and sensitivity, the lifting power is vicious.  The FINAL SPIRIT GT79 has the stiffest tip section of all the Ripple Fisher GT rods allowing for easy use and control of large mouthed poppers and more manual maneuvering of diving pencil/popper type lures.  With skill and knowledge of various lure maneuvering techniques, anglers will be able to utilize various types of lures depending on the field conditions.  The bend curve is smooth with an extremely efficient lifting power.  

Length Weight Section Lure Line Action
7 ft 9 in (Dimensions 1685 mm) 384 g 2 pcs / grip joint MAX 220 g MAX PE 10 Regular

Suitable reel size: Shimano:18000 / Daiwa:6500

As quoted from Ripple Fisher.