Shimano Colt Sniper Wonderfall Jig with Assist Hooks JM-503Q 58mm / 30g

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Match the trendy "shore throw"! A fascinating fall action that can target a variety of fish species!

A silhouette that makes use of “small scales”. Real colors make it more authentic

NR sardines

Equipped with an N (natural) type scale boost to generate natural flashing of silver. Sardines are the base color of the color rotation because they are the food of a wide range of targets in various places across the country. The good thing is that it is not easily affected by the weather or the color of the water, so it is a color that you should always have in your tackle box.

STR Grow Aji

Equipped with ST (Small Transparent) type scale boost, each one is small, but soft and natural flashing is generated. It is effective in high pressure situations such as points with high transparency and points with high competition rate. In addition, it is a powerful combination that contains Glow, which has earned the trust and achievements of veteran anglers. As it is a glow color, it stands out in low-light scenes such as morning and evening, and deep areas, but it is a color that works well even during the day.

SR Keimura Saba

Equipped with an S (small) type scale boost, it has a strong flushing effect. Its flashing generates silver and rainbow-colored flashing that enhances the sense of life, boasting an appealing power comparable to Appeal in the conventional scale boost. It is also a powerful combination that emits light under the influence of ultraviolet rays due to the effect of Keimura. This color is especially recommended for cloudy weather and cloudy water.



Scale Boost - A hologram that mimics the realistic pattern of baitfish scales. By adopting a composite pitch hologram, complex reflections are realized underwater like real baitfish scales. A lineup of various holograms that match the scene.

Part Number JM-503Q
Color # 005 006 007
Color Name NR Sardine STR Glow Aji SR Keimura Saba
Overall Length (mm) 58 58
Weight (g) 30
Hook #1/0x2 #1/0x2 #1/0x2