Shimano Coltsniper Rock Splash Floating Stickbait with Treble Hooks OT-140Q

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Shimano Coltsniper Rock Splash

Total length (mm): 140 / Self weight (g): 68

Type: Floating / Hook size: STX-58 # 2/0

Technical Characteristics:

  • AR-C system - The AR-C system uses a spring-type center of gravity control that overturns the common sense of the center of gravity movement system. At the time of casting, the weight is moved backward by centrifugal force and acceleration G. And, by installing the spring type center of gravity control, the weight returns, and when it lands on the water, it realizes an outstanding rise with a stable posture equivalent to the fixed center of gravity minnow.

  • Three X body - "3X BODY" was born by combining new materials and reinforced design so that the impact resistance can be strengthened more than 3 times compared to the normal sea bass plug. It is developed assuming the use of.

  • Penetration Wire
  • Mad Scale - Originally developed Shimano original hologram