Shimano Exsence Salvage Solid with Treble Hooks 60ES XV-260R 60mm / 12g

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New Release

Solid resin body vibration that sticks to rising in deep areas.

A thin resin body is selected instead of the trendy metal plate in order to launch firmly from a slow retrieve even at the end of a long cast or in a deep area. By choosing a material with a specific gravity lighter than metal, we sought to improve exercise performance, and sought a good rise that allows the body to swing even with a slight input.
The line eye and weight balance were adjusted in 1mm increments to improve castability, and a keel head design was adopted to prevent hook entanglement at the end of long casts.



Scale Boost - A hologram that mimics the realistic pattern of baitfish scales. By adopting a composite pitch hologram, complex reflections are realized underwater like real baitfish scales. A lineup of various holograms that match the scene.

Salvage solid with a solid resin body that sticks to rising in deep areas


Resin body with lighter specific gravity than metal

Part Number XV-260R XV-260R
Color # 20 21
Color Name NR Sardine NR Kei Labora
Type Sinking Sinking
Overall Length (mm) 60 60
Weight (g) 12 12
Flying Distance (m) 57 57
Setting Velocity 70 70
Swim form (angle/degree) 35 35
Hook #10x2 #10x2