Shimano Ocea Plugger Limited Offshore Spinning Fishing Rod - S82XH

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The flying distance of the highest level. The one and only casting performance that Limited aimed for.

In the offshore casting game, flight distance is the greatest weapon that everyone wants. Ossia Plugger Limited is a rod developed with the aim of focusing on the highest level of flight distance and aiming to fly and catch more than anyone else. The lightweight and high-resilience blanks improve casting speed and support long-term full casting. The thoroughly enhanced repulsive force exerts power as it bends, enabling stable long-distance throws. By designing the blanks to bend smoothly up to the grip part, the impact and stress on the body that are common with high rebound rods are alleviated, making it easier to take timing for casting. And elements such as guide specifications that are light and excellent in thread shedding are fused. Outstanding casting performance sharpens the angler's senses and brings the joy of progress even to experts.


As offshore casting games become popular and tackles and theories mature, the system for meeting targets evolves year by year.
However, by everyone getting the benefit, the difference with other anglers disappears, and on the contrary, there is a phenomenon that the fishing results become farther.
Under such circumstances, the performance to achieve a more stable encounter than anyone else is "flying distance".
In order to catch more, the best answer is to expand the range and approach the fish "beyond".
Ossia Plugger Limited pursues flight distance by increasing the potential of high repulsion blanks.
I want you to experience the power of a long-range gun that even experts with high casting skills can feel their progress.

Ossia Plugger Limited
Ossia Plugger Limited is a rod that seeks the keywords of flight distance, ease of throwing, and lightness. The casting distance is not compromised at all, but I think that all other elements are balanced at a high level. Since it is a highly repulsive rod, the plug will fly at a great speed.

If you increase the swing speed, you will be able to cast the target pinpoint without stalling even with headwinds, thick lines, and light plugs. Normally, finishing a rod with high rebound and sharpness would increase the burden on the body, but Ossia Plugger Limited compensates for it with lightness, good release, and good feeling, so there is less fatigue. There may be some quirks in the design, but I think the top-level guide materials and their settings also contribute.

Even after the fish is hooked, it bends firmly and then rebounds and restores itself, giving the impression that the fish floats just by supporting the rod. The new reel seat is also great. You don't have to use your grip so much, so you don't get tired. You can cast and fight powerfully. Anyone who has it should be able to think of it.


Advantages of reliable grip Newly developed reel seat

The newly developed reel seat installed in this Limited has improved elements such as ease of grip, ease of application of force, and less fatigue by eliminating steps. The ball of the foot fits into the exquisitely recessed seat, embodying a stable grip feel that sticks to it. By stabilizing the grip, blurring and power loss during casting are reduced, supporting full power casting and fighting.



CI4+ is a further evolution of Shimano's original CI4 material reinforced with carbon fiber. It is characterized by being lighter and having higher strength than conventional resin.

All titanium frame/torzite ring + SiC (top)

The guide also has a specification that further enhances long-throw performance. Based on an all-titanium frame and torzite ring, a SiC ring is used for the top guide. Not only is it lightweight, but the large-diameter ring improves flight distance and cast feel. In addition, the powerful assembly of all double foot and double wrapping has been made lighter by minimizing the bobbin part.

All double foot guide specification that emphasizes strength and rigidity
Double wrapping specification

Shimano original seat (CI4+) +

matte rubber coating

Part Number S82XH
Overall Length (ft) 8'2"
Overall Length (m) 2.49
Number of joints (pieces) 2
Closed dimensions (cm) 182.4
Weight (g) 370
Tip diameter (mm) 3
Lure weight (g) Max 180
Applicable line PE (No.) Max 10
Maximum drag (kg) 16
Maximum drag angle (degree) 60
Grip type Straight
Reel Seat Type Downlock
Carbon content (%) 89.7