Shout! System Jig Bag III

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Can store all kinds of jigs, heavy, light, long, short and thin.
The jigging game begins with preparations before fishing. The depth of the field, the type of bait, the tide ... Think about every situation and choose a jig. System Jig Bag III has pockets to accommodate various jig weights, lengths, and thicknesses.
For version III, select black with short and middle types for fishing in the near sea, and white with middle and long types for expeditions and long jigs. Similar to version II, the center is equipped with a velcro that allows you to attach and detach a separate jig bag, and you can prepare jigs from 3 types to suit any field. Just size that fits in a water guard case that protects the bag from splashes on board.
Fit inside Shout Waterproof Briefcase 540WC
Product number Color Bag size
About W35.5cm x D21cm x H7.5cm
525SJ white