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Studio Ocean Mark Blue Heaven BH-L100 Hi/R-LB(21)AE100 **RIGHT HANDED** Jigging Reel

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L-shaped drag lever

S2T lever followed by lever drag models with jigging specifications all over the world.
Excellent shape that allows lever operation from the palming side even during straight pumping. Moreover, the design has evolved to accommodate the combination with this large-diameter model / long arm.

Spool replacement

Typical features proposed by SOM from the first BHL120 The
ease of spool replacement is improved every time the model is stacked, and spool replacement is possible even on a swaying ship.

Lead design (utility model)

By making the edge part of the gearbox irregular, you can feel the lever position with your fingers without looking at the reel.

Super spool free (patent registered)

Two small-diameter bearings are supported when free, and large-diameter bearings slide to support the bearings when hoisting.
The synergistic effect with the lightweight spool provides amazing spool-free performance.
Especially in the mid-deep sea, it can be said that the jig can be put into the bite zone first.

Large caliber mountain module gear

The drive gear is made of high-strength, high-strength brass material, which is the same as BHL120 and has the largest diameter in its class.
The mountain module specifications comparable to trolling reels are cut with Nagano quality.
It is the heart that produces the powerful winding power that you can experience from the moment you wind it.

Aluminum forging machine cut "gear box" and "frame"

The forging method is to heat the aluminum material and hit it at high pressure to increase its strength.
The gear box that houses the powerful heart and the humum that smoothly transmits the power input from the handle from the gear to the spool without loss are punched out from the aluminum material by the forging method and precisely machined by the machining center machine.

"Gear box"

The cylinder part that houses the main shaft that bridges the handle arm and drive gear has a sufficient wall thickness and a stepped shape to transmit the force vertically and accurately. We perform simulation analysis of force transmission, secure the required wall thickness up to the joint of the frame, and perform wall removal work where strength is not required.


The new concept bridge design adopted from BHL30 takes time and effort to process, and it is a big factor of cost increase because the amount of scraping is large, but since sufficient wall thickness can be secured for the entire bridge, distortion, bending and twisting can be felt at all. You can get a feeling of winding up that is not hard.

High-strength one-way bearing

One-way ball bearings prevent the steering wheel from reversing.
The world's largest German INNA shell type one-way bearing is custom-ordered with anti-corrosion specifications, and like the BHL120, two are press-fitted into a machined case made of extra super duralumin.

Handle arm

The strongest arm was born by eliminating the new 60-series aluminum alloy extrusion forging and round holes in order to prevent the arm from bending due to the lengthening.
It is a convertible design of 110mm that demonstrates overwhelming power in the mid-deep sea and 98mm that makes it easy to take a one-pitch rhythm.
At the time of shipment, it is assembled with 110 mm specifications.

Semi-waterproof spool

When hoisting, the rubber cap comes into contact with the spool to prevent water from entering.
When the spool is free, the rubber cap separates from the spool, enabling high-speed free without contact resistance.

Angular contact ball bearing

The structural weakness of the lever drag reel is that increasing the drag force makes the handle rotation heavier.
This is because when the drag force is increased, the force is applied to the spool → drag disc → pinion gear → bearing, and the load is applied in the → direction in the figure.
Since a general bearing has a structure that can receive a load only in the direction of rotation, the area of ​​the outer ring / inner ring that the ball contacts is small, it cannot receive sufficient pressure, and friction and wear increase.
Angular contact bearings are angled to the inner and outer rings and are designed to withstand rotational and axial loads.

Designed specifically for jigging



 Product Name Item Gear Ration Drag Max Drag Power LINE CAPACITY Weight Color
BH L100 Hi/R 5.9:1 (113cm) 14 kg PE 8-400M/6-500/4-750/3-1000 *YGK WX8 Series Line 655g Light Blue