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Studio Ocean Mark Ocean Knoter OK105H - FG Knots Tool

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Ocean knots that complete 100% strength FG knots in 4 minutes at the fastest.
The OK110H has been remodeled to the OK105H, which is easier to use.

Ocean Knotter OK105H

  • 4 Minutes FG Knots

    By using the attached belt and hooking it on the railing of a ship, it is now possible to easily evenly tighten the PE line, which was difficult until now, and FG knots can be made faster and more reliably than with bare hands!

  • High rigidity aluminum machine cut body

    Uses a high-rigidity body machined from an extra-thick aluminum plate with a thickness of 4 mm. High-strength design that does not warp or bend even with strong tightening force.

  • A feeling of size with less lateral shake

    The size of the belt has been increased from 20 mm to 25 mm, and the body width has been narrowed by 5 mm to prevent lateral shake.

  • Large tension rubber made of high-strength silicon

    A large high-hardness silicone rubber is mounted on the receiving part where the most force is applied when tightening the line. Even if the PE line bites in, it will not break.

  • Equipped with a ring hook

    Uses a line holder that uses multiple rubber rings. The line is caught in the rubber ring just by wrapping it strongly, and you can fix the line quickly and surely!

Weight 55g
Length: 105mm (between rubber shafts)
Conformity line Fitting Line PE2-PE8 Leader 30-130lb