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Yamaga Blanks Blue Sniper 103L Plug Special / Light Class Concept Shore Casting Fishing Rod

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The BlueSniper 103L Plug Special is a "light class concept" model for shore blue fish that was created to capture small baits and high pressure situations.
The supple yet sharp cast feel allows a small diving pencil to be comfortably thrown away, and it can be operated automatically and lightly. In addition, it has high general-purpose performance that can handle various sea bass lures, and it has become one that shows its true value in selective situations. In addition, the lightweight, high-balanced blank has a feeling of use that does not make you feel the length, and it will not bother you for a long time while waiting to stroll. It is worth mentioning that the fighting performance conflicts with the light usage feeling, it has the confidence to catch the running of blue fish, has the depth of pocket that can flexibly respond, and the bat power that does not miss the game, and it is 10 kg class even from the rock You can cross more than equal.
"Softly control the stiffness"-Please experience the performance of the new Shore blue light product class proposed by Yamaga Blanks.


Length Weight Section Lure Line Carbon
3135 mm 240 g 2pcs Plug 15g~40g / jig~40g Max PE No. 2 99.6%


DragMax: 4kg/45° Closed dimensions: 1600mm Joint: Inro joint guide: SiC-S stainless frame K guide specification (Fuji) Reel seat: DPS18 (Fuji)
compatible spinning reel Guideline: D company 3500/S company 4000- No. 6000 * Rod dimensions a. Length from the foot position when the reel is attached to the grip end b. Overall grip length