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Yamaga Blanks Seawalk Light Jigging 67UL Spinning Rod

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This is the ultra-light class of light-jigging series to aim Grunt, Horse mackerel or else on shallow water with light weight jigs (around 20g)

Combination of super fine PE line and Tungsten-jig make super light jigging possible to aim school of Grunt with falling action or Horse mackerel on the very bottom of the sea.

And you will be able to cast jigs up to 25g or let jig up to 40g swim naturally in the 40m depth of water without any stress so you can aim variety of target depend on depth of water systematically. It is bent nicely when even sea bream over 80cm or blue runner around 5kg and load huge power on blanks to pull it on the surface without losing initiative.

 Length Weight Section Lure Line Carbon
2150mm 102g 2pcs Jig 15~40g/Cast Max 25g PE0.4~0.8 85.0%