YGK Galis Algon Assist WGX Knot Type 6m Silver 360lb #40

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Structure WGX (2 × 4)

Composition Knot type

Material EX Isanas 100%

COLOR Silver Assist system that greatly affects not only highly evolved jigs and techniques, but also methods for deriving fish.

Argon Assist is a part that thoroughly responds to Angler's insatiable demands and finds system optimization

By assembling four WX4 blade lines in a parallel twin state, it demonstrates outstanding wear resistance and cut resistance, and brings exceptionally strong stability

4 (2 x 4) square punching structure makes it easy to insert and eliminate the misalignment caused by tapping the solid ring

Because it is a knot type, it is easy to remove the core and insert fluoro and ester, and the hardness can be adjusted to your liking

The roughness peculiar to square striking makes it easier to determine the seki thread and reduces slipping out.

* Please discard the core that is initially set before use.

4 (8) x 4 (8) blade line assembled into 4 or 8 yarns with 4 (8) main yarns assembled!