CB ONE F1 Saltwater Sinking Jig 45g ~ 100g

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Model Length
45g 90mm
60g 100mm
80g 113mm
100g 120mm


The most important thing for a casting jig is the ability to follow high-speed action. It is designed specifically for lateral movement, which has a completely different gravity load and pulling direction from vertical jigs that target the bottom, and it demonstrates stable maneuverability even at high speeds. The body balance is designed to be slightly asymmetrical to make it easier to trigger the action, and when retrieved, it wobbles like a minnow, stabilizing the left and right darting combination with twitch and twitch. During the free fall that occurs between actions, it maintains a horizontal posture, allowing for high-speed continuous performance of luring and feeding. It is a swimming jig that is effective for lateral attacks such as bonito and horse mackerel schools chasing bait on the surface and bluefish from the shore.


Quick Dart

High-speed luring and biting

When you simply reel it in, it creates a minnow-like wobbling action. With rhythmic twitches, it creates a series of short darts. The highly balanced body attracts fish with a stable action that doesn't spin, move around, or jump out.

Level Fall

Excellent horizontal retention

Body design

The horizontal fall that sparkles and sways during the lure. Your posture at this moment greatly affects your catch.