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Little Jack Sayoris 135 Sinking Pencil Lure with BKK Treble Hooks 135mm / 23g (Heavy Weight)

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There are fish that can only be caught in this way.

The one and only halfbeak-shaped sinking pencil that boasts overwhelming fishing results is now available in a more realistic symform and new size.


While keeping the realistic appearance, each part has been tuned up to lead to even more fishing results.The
basic body shape remains the same, but we pursue even more realism. The balance was adjusted by redesigning the special shape weight. The natural roll action has been refined.
Two body sizes: 135mm and 155mm The
lineup includes two sizes: 135mm, the orthodox size, and 155mm, which targets blue fish outside the bay.
Normal weight model and heavy weight model The
lineup includes a normal weight model and a heavy weight model to match a wider range of situations. It also supports dead slow action with different fall speeds.
Actions based on rolls
The trace line is clear and you can reliably capture bright and dark areas. Furthermore, by setting up the rod, you can use different ranges, and it boasts a high level of versatility that can be used from the surface to the bottom of the school.
Original fins that produce a natural action
The fins added to the rear upper part stabilize the underwater posture, making it possible to produce an even more natural roll action.
BKK hook is used for the treble hook
We have adopted a BKK hook that has a reputation for its penetration and strength.