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Ripple Fisher Original Gear Multi Container Size M

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RF Multi Container M size
RF Multi Container is a simple and easy-to-handle container case that can store various items including large lures.
On the shore, you can carry only the main lure at once, improving your mobility, and offshore, it's compact and doesn't take up much space, so you can concentrate on fishing without stress.
Product Details
■Material/Outside: Nylon / Inside: Tarpaulin
■External Dimensions: Width 260mm, Height 100mm, Height 100mm
■Storable Lures:240mm class lurescan be stored

Specification Details
●The entire case opens into a box with double doors. Therefore, the design makes it easy to take out large lures.
●The inner surface of the case is made of thick tarpaulin fabric, making it difficult for hooks to get stuck.
●Equipped with an outside pocket that can store pliers, rings, etc.
●Mesh-processed ventilation holes are used, so the lure can be washed completely with the case closed.