Shimano 22 Stella C2000S Spinning Fishing Reel

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Highly durable gear design infinity cloth realized by the advancement of gear tooth surface design and manufacturing technology. Infinity loop that winds the line tighter and more orderly onto the spool, reducing resistance during release. A special structure infinity drive that can be easily wound even under high load. STELLA, which has continued to challenge the top of the spinning reel, has reached a further height with three infinity (infinity). Functionality is pursued down to the smallest detail, such as anti-twist fins that suppress line troubles around the spool, and Duracross that maintains smooth drag performance due to excellent abrasion resistance. The pride of the highest peak emits a dazzling brilliance at the angler's hand.

Stella Special Site 

Part Number C2000S
Gear Ratio 5.1
Practical drag force (kg) 2
Maximum drag force (kg) 3
Weight (g) 170
Spool diameter (mm)/Stroke (mm) 43/13.5
Thread winding amount nylon (lb-m) 3-125, 4-100, 5-75
Thread winding amount nylon (mm-m) 0.14-145, 0.16-105, 0.18-80
Thread winding amount Fluoro (lb-m) 3-110, 4-85, 5-65
Yarn amount PE (No. -m) 0.6-150, 0.8-110, 1-80
Maximum winding length (cm/1 rotation of handle) 69
Handle length (mm) 40
Number of bearings BB/roller 12/1
Yumeya spool type  S-31, 32