2021 Shimano Ocea Jigger 1500XG (Right Handed) Fishing Jigging Reel

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1500XG is a new additon to the current Ocea Jigger range with XG gear ratio. Japan Domestic Model

Manipulate speed! A new strategy proposed by JIGGER.

HAGANE's rigidity in an S compact body that is easy to palm. Smooth and light winding feeling and power brought by Micro Module Gear & Infinity Drive. A new strategy of speed has been added to the Ocea jigger, which meets those elements required for jigging reels at a high level. There are seven widths, from a gear ratio of 5.1 and a maximum hoisting length of 78 cm (1500PG) to a gear ratio of 7.0 and a maximum hoisting length of 132 cm (2000NRXG). The fusion of winding speed and jerk pattern leads jigging to a higher level. Of course, it is fully equipped with advanced technology that Jigger is proud of, such as waterproofing of iron walls by X protection and high-performance drag. It supports a wide range of games from near sea to mid-deep sea.


Shimano Ocea Jigger Feature

Hagane - Shimano's design concept of making products that can be truly used by utilizing metal processing technology.

Robustness that can be used with confidence even in harsh conditions. A delicate winding feeling that stimulates the sensibility and a reliable operation feeling. And the hoisting power beyond imagination. By honestly pursuing a reel that can be used by anglers, that activity creates HAGANE gear and HAGANE body, which is Shimano's belief. All for anglers.

Micro Module Gear - A new drive system in which small precision gears are closely engaged.

The ultra-compact precision gear and elaborate body housing provide a "silky" winding feeling that you have never experienced before. Even when compared with conventional gears, the vibration level is less than half (compared to our company), and the number of meshing teeth has increased, ensuring strength that surpasses that of conventional gears. Shimano's original gear system that has both a smooth feel and strength.

New Shape Lightweight T-Shaped Handle

Both 1500 and 2000 handle knobs are equipped with the T-type handle knob used in [19 Ocea Jigger F Custom]. The lightweight, easy-to-grip, and easy-to-use shape makes it easy to handle high loads such as blue-backed fish and mid-deep sea games, further reducing the burden on anglers. * Used for 1500XG / 1501XG, 2000NRMG / 2001NRMG, 2000NRXG / 2001NRXG.

Cold Forged Long Crank Handle - Achieves high rigidity of up to about 200%

The handle is equipped with a highly rigid and strong cold forged long crank handle as standard equipment. The hard and sturdy handle body achieves up to about twice the rigidity of the conventional one, and the synergistic effect with the HAGANE body enables direct winding performance without power loss.

Product Number 1500XG
Gear Ratio 7.3:1
Maximum Drag Force (Kg) 6
Own Weight (g) 410
Braided Line Capacity PE-m 2-500, 2.5-400, 3-320
Line Retrieve / Crank 112cm
Handle Length (cm) 73/85
Number of bearing BB / roller 8/1