2022 Shimano Colt Sniper Limited LTD S106HPS Spinning Rod

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The aim is to create a shore casting rod that transcends the limits of the past by combining Shimano's advanced technology and know-how at a high level. Thorough pursuit of release from line trouble that was a chronic dissatisfaction of anglers. Adopted NEW [X guide] that overturns conventional wisdom, completed by thoroughly analyzing the correlation between reel size and line system. The original frame shape realizes performance that suppresses the root cause of line troubles caused by interference with blank touches and guide frames. The blank structure, which is the essence, adopts a "spiral X core" that brings high strength in all directions such as bending, twisting, and crushing. And the repulsive force that has been thoroughly enhanced exerts a powerful power as it bends, enabling sharp and light casting. In addition, the balance has been carefully researched so that the entire blank, including the grip, can bend smoothly, making it easier to cast at the right timing and reducing the impact and stress on the body during power fights. In addition, it is equipped with an original rubber grip end to support casting and fighting stability. When you experience these true values, a new stage of the shore casting game will open up.


A Special design breathes life into the plug

There are many anglers who are dissatisfied with the water bite of plastic lures in rock shore games where footing is limited. The ability to properly move the diving pencil in a situation where the foothold is high and there is swell makes it possible to reliably lure fish from a distance, leading to the induction of bites. The design that maximizes the suppression of error action as a rod that calls itself a plugging special will be the most reliable in the actual fishing scene.

To give an example of the test results, 10kg class yellowfin tuna in Kozushima, 8kg class bluefin trevally in Amami Oshima, and 10kg over 10kg amberjack in northern Kyushu, etc., elicited reactions from targets regardless of area.

Of course, there is no doubt that the flexible rod tip that maximizes the movement of the lure, which was born from the pursuit of the plug-only rod action, is undoubtedly the reason for this result.

The assumed use area is as wide as the S100H, targeting greenery on nearby rocks and offshore beaches, 10 kg yellowfin tuna from Izu and Kozushima, large greens and yellowfin tuna from the Goto Islands in Nagasaki Prefecture, the men and women archipelago, and Koshikishima in Kagoshima Prefecture. It is ideal for aiming for large blue-runners in the archipelago, white-spotted trout, and Uji and Kusagaki archipelagos. Create opportunities without being bothered by plug error actions and awaken the target's instincts.

Product Number  S106H/PS
Overall Length (ft) 10'6"
Overall Length (m) 3.2
Joint Method spigot
Number of joints (pieces) 2
Closed dimensions (cm) 164.3
Weight (g) 375
Tip Diameter (mm) 2.6
Jig Weight (g) Max 120
Plug Weight (g) Max 100
Applicable line PE (No.) Max 5
Maximum Drag (kg) 8
Maximum Drag Angle 45 degree
Grip Type separate
Reel Seat Position (mm) 522
Reel Seat Type UPLOCK
Carbon content (%) 99.9



spiral x core - A next-generation basic structure that has evolved through the use of high-strength materials.

X-guide - Shimano original guide [X guide] that brings out the original rod performance.

High power X - A reinforced structure that further suppresses twisting that occurs during casting and fighting. 

Nano pitch - A method of wrapping the molding tape used in the process of baking the blanks with an extremely fine pitch. 

X guide: Touch-free titanium - Specially designed guide for trouble-free performance