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2023 Ripple Fisher Ultimo 82 ML Offshore Game Boat Casting Rod

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2023 New Model  - Released in March 2023

The tip combines flexibility to suppress action errors and firmness that can be intentionally created between bites, it is the perfect model for top games of GT and amberjack, using mainly diving pencils. The lightweight and highly balanced blank, which is possible only because it is a medium light, boasts a high-dimensional casting performance with an ultra-light casting feel and outstanding long-distance casting performance, and easily supports harsh casting games that consume a lot of physical strength. .
target GT・Hiramasa
Guide specifications SiC-S Titanium Frame K Guide + SiC RV-Guide (Fuji)
lure diving pencil
drag max 12kg/45°

Ultimo 82ML (2023 New)

Length Weight Section Lure Line Action
8ft 2in (closed dimension 1790mm) 362g 2pcs grip joint Comfort weight 70~120g MAX PE 6 Regular

◎Applicable reel guideline S/D: 14000
Grip length / 794mm (total grip length) / 504mm (from grip end to reel foot)
Blank tip diameter / 2.6mm (just below the top guide) / Blank original diameter / 13.3mm (original diameter is the rod 875mm outside diameter of the fishing rod body from the butt)
Reel seat / DPS20 (Fuji) Uplock grip end / BRC specification
(resin ring attached)


The Ultimo series will be reborn as an advanced boat casting rod series in 2023 as Ripple Fisher's new innovation.
Casting games in recent years have continued to evolve and change at a dizzying pace, and while diversifying and subdividing, we have expanded the range of strategies by increasing the number of situation-specific rods. With the new Ultimo, we have gone against this trend and focused on the high basic performance of the rod itself. A rod that is simple, light, and easier to throw than ever before, with improved long-distance performance. This high standard of basic performance is at the core of the new Ultimo.
There are three types of Ultimo to be released in 2023: 82ML, 83M, and 710MH. We strive for overwhelming performance while giving each rod its own individuality, and it is no exaggeration to say that this model is the pinnacle of Ripple Fisher's boat casting rod series.
The old Ultimo was a GT model that specialized in pencil operation, but the new Ultimo series is a model that can be used for both amberjack and GT, and is essential for controlling large fish with its lightweight, high balance, light casting feel, and strong power. While refining its performance, we sought to improve the "flying distance" which is the key to conquering casting games. Experience the power of the new Ultimo series, which will help you stand out from the rest in the ever-evolving world of boat casting games.

The life of the new Ultimo lies in its blank performance, which promises outstanding flight distance, and as Ripple Fisher Boat Casting's flagship model, we have paid particular attention to everything from the guide specifications to the paint and parts.

-The Ultimo logo is finished in metallic silver, and the model name is painted matte under the butt guide.
●All models have SiC-S titanium frame K + SiC-RV guide specifications to achieve the best thread removal.
●A titanium ring with the model name engraved is attached to the bottom of the reel seat.
●By fitting a resin ring into the rubber cap of the grip end, we have eliminated the sticking of the gimbal belt and the grip end during a fight, making it smooth to insert and remove from the fight to landing.

Ultimo Bending Curve
Ultimo 6kg static load comparison

The Ultimo series has high repulsion blank characteristics with an emphasis on castability, and during a fight, the repulsion directly transmits the angler's operation as a load to the fish. It is easy to maintain tension, has excellent performance in switching from reservoir to lift with high response, and is easy to handle regardless of the angler who uses it.

*All bending images are comparisons with a static load applied with the reel set on the rod. It does not represent all of the rod characteristics such as repulsive force, so please refer to the rod specs and power class settings above in addition to comparing bending. The way the load is actually applied when bending the rod varies from person to person, so please use the static load comparison as a guide only.

Static load comparison