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Blue Blue Gachipen Swimmer 180 Saltwater Stickbait 180mm / 60g

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specification[Total length] 180mm
[Weight] 60g
[Recommended ring] #8
[Recommended hook] #3/0

The Gachipen Swimmer is a diving pencil that is unlikely to misdive in a variety of conditions, from calm water to rough water, and can be easily handled even by beginners who are unfamiliar with rod operation.

Action ] When you apply rod action, it will roll its slender body as it swims. You can easily control the strength of the action by adjusting the strength of the rod pull.

If you pull it hard: The body will fall firmly to the left and right while a fast-pitch rolling action will occur. It lures the target to the surface with intense flashing and powerful waves that firmly transmit the action to the angler's hand.

When pulled weakly: A smooth rolling action and an S-shaped trajectory that moves left and right will lead wary fish to bite. Even when moved at a high tempo, it will not lose its balance and will produce a fleeing baitfish with a quick response. By changing the way you pull it, from strong to weak, fast to slow, depending on the situation, you can respond to almost any field that is constantly changing. You will no longer have to feel frustrated that you chased it but it didn't bite.