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Blue Blue Gachisla Sinking Pencil Stickbait 230mm 165g

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The GACHISLA 230H is a sinking pencil in heavy weight targeting bigger fish like GT. The lure has a length of 230 mm and weight of 165g, it can be cast long distances without air resistance. Whether from shore, rock, or boat, it can reach your target. Rear weighted body falls very quickly right after it reaches water, dropping 30m by 30 seconds and 40m by 40 seconds. After reaching your target depth move it at your desired motion by either super quick retrieving, long jerking, or short jerking.  Less water resistance makes you less tired on the retrieve and the attractive sliding action easily occurs by any rod control movement as well as the weighted balls inside migrating freely and irregularly which induces an irresistible impulse strike from fish.

The body creates strong wobbling-and-rolling motion. Weighted balls inside the head moves freely and irregularly, which induces an irregular S-curving dive and clatter sound that also attracts and gathers fishes.

  • Thin body providing long distance casting.
  • Less resistance while retrieving.
  • Rear-weighted fast dropping. 
  • Reliable through-wire construction.
  • Hooks not included