Carpenter Blue Fish BF100-200 Topwater Stickbait Lures 95g / 200mm

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The Blue Fish turns on the predator switch of the fish with a different movement from the γ series . It incorporates a "extremely unique movement". Bluefish has evolved through repeated modifications since its birth .

Concept: BF100-200 mainly targets amberjack, GT, tuna, and large yellowtail. The BF100-200 is an easy to use lure in sea surface conditions with a large height difference.

*BF100-200 with Fish Mark

The "Fish" mark on the stomach is different from the normal BF100. The mark indicates active actions. Depending on the situation "normal" may be good or the one with "Fish" mark may be good. You can experiment with the fishing result by using it properly according to the situation. 

 Model Full Length Weight Specific Gravity Compatible Hook Weight Compatible Split Ring
BF-100-200 200 mm About 95g Floating (Per Piece) Approx. 9g Carpenter SR 250lb