Carpenter Blue Fish BF100-200 Topwater Stickbait Lures 95g / 200mm

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The blue fish released in 2005

turns on the predation switch of the fish eater with a different movement from the γ series .

It incorporates a unique "extremely unique movement".

Occasionally, this seasoning intensely switches on fish eater predation .

If you get into this mode, it can be a hit on parade with blue fish .

Bluefish has evolved through repeated modifications since its birth .

Concept: BF100-200 mainly targets amberjack GT tuna large yellowtail. It is effective in inviting large yellowtail. The BF100-200 has a sport pitch and is easy to lure in sea surface conditions with a large height difference.

BF100-200 with Fish Mark

The "Fish" mark on the stomach is different from the normal BF100. The mark are active actions, depending on the situation "normal" may be good or the one with "Fish" mark may be good. You can extend the fishing result by using it properly according to the situation. 

 Model Full Length Weight Specific Gravity Compatible Hook Weight Compatible Split Ring
BF-100-200 200 mm About 95g Floating (Per Piece) Approx. 9g Carpenter SR 250lb


Overall length Weight Specific weight

* The overall length does not include the metal part at the rear.

In addition, although there are some basic numbers in the design, the numbers are

displayed with good sharpness. The numbers in the table are sharp.

* Similarly, the weight is basically a decent number in the design, but the number is

sharp based on the weight without the hook attached.

The numbers in the table are sharp.

* Some lures have the same shape but different weights depending on the type.

* Floating / Thinking / Suspend is

displayed in the specific density column .

The definition of suspend is as close as possible to the specific density of seawater (about 1.024).

"The state of the lure is the state where the lure does not float or sink in the water".

However, in Carpenter, the suspended state is as follows.

(1) Very weak buoyancy (floating but almost no buoyancy) 

(2 ) Very slowly sinking 

(3 ) Stopping in water

Normally, (3) is called suspend.

However, it is very difficult to make a suspended state with a wood lure.

In Carpenter, the states of ①②③ are suspended.

(Since the specific gravity of the liquid changes depending on the water temperature, it is difficult to create a completely suspended state even with a resin lure, strictly speaking.)

Compatible hooks Compatible split rings should be flexible. (The table is an example of design recommendation)


① The target fish is large → Increase the needle and ring

② Want to give the lure buoyancy → Make the needle and ring smaller