Carpenter Fishing Glove III

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■Carpenter Fishing Gloves III

Carpenter fishing gloves have undergone minor changes. The part that has been changed is the mesh material on the instep side. There is no change in the material of the entire glove.  All of this product uses high-quality materials made in Japan. For the sewing, we commissioned a first-class sewing factory in China that is managed by a Japanese sewing company and has a long track record of producing gloves. The final inspection was done with Carpenter.   

■Carpenter Fishing Gloves III Features

●Natural 3D construction for an excellent fit.
●There is no stiff feeling, fingers bend well, and the feeling is easy to grasp.
●High-quality domestic materials are used.
●I made it in consideration of the balance of the usability and the durability.
●The index finger is reinforced with a new material, Amara. *1

*1 From the spring of 2019, the reinforcement of the index finger has been changed from natural leather to Amara, a new material which has increased material stability.

■ Carpenter Fishing Glove III Specifications Price

● Size: S M L XL
● Color: Black Red Blue

■ Color




■Precaution for use (Please read carefully)

  • Please do not use this product for purpose other than fishing.
  • This product is designed based on the standard finger and palm size of Japanese people. The comfort and fit may vary from person to person.
  • Please be sure to choose the size that fits your hand for this product. If the size is incorrect, it may cause injury or damage to the gloves.
  • Please be sure to securely fasten the velcro tape on your wrist when using this product . Not doing so may cause the gloves to come off and cause injury.
  • This product will become slightly larger in size as the cloth stretches when used. Also, it has the property of increasing in size when it gets wet with water or seawater.
  • Even if you feel that it doesn't fit your hand when you first put it on as you use this product, the glove will take on the shape of your hand and will gradually fit into your hand. If you wash it after use, it may reset to its original shape but even in that case it will fit in your hand again when you put it on.
  • We recommend washing by hand with laundry detergent. If you use a washing machine, please wash it on low mode. Washing too hard will reduce its durability. It may also cause thread breakage. 
  • Never use bleach when washing. It may exceed the color change, natural deterioration and discoloration.
  • This product may transfer color to other laundry items when washed. If color transfer is a problem, please wash only this product.
  • Do not use a dryer. Decreases durability. It may also cause shrinkage or thread breakage.
  • Please be sure to dry it in the shade after washing. Rapid drying under the scorching sun will reduce performance such as shrinkage.
  • The thread used to sew the reinforcing fabric on the index finger and thumb is a thread that binds the fabric together to strengthen it. This thread increases the durability of the fabric and extends the life of the glove. It may break during use. This thread breakage is expected. It will not be treated as a defective item.
  • Although we use durable thread, the sewing thread may break if it hits a sharp object or s rubbed too hard. Items other than sewing defects will not be treated as defective.
  • The lifespan of gloves varies depending on the individual user. In particular the durability of the cloth on the index finger, which is subjected to stress during casting, varies greatly from person to person. For those who throw the line so that it rubs against cloth, or those who throw by holding the PE line directly, the lifespan will be shorter than normal. The cloth around the thumb will be more abrasive than usual when using a metal perforated handle knob. The lifespan will be shortened.
  • This product is designed to protect your hands while fishing, but it may not be able to completely protect your hands depending on the conditions of use. Please keep this in mind and be very careful when the fish side, hooks, and knives.