Carpenter Mini Eel Topwater Saltwater Fishing Lure

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FP-jr XHS 60-150 = 60g

FP-jr HS 50-150 = 50g

*One Hook Specifications 

Model Length Weight Type
Normal 85 mm Approx. 18 g Sinking
HS 85 mm Approx. 25 g Sinking
XHS 85 mm Approx. 28 g Sinking


*Two Hook Specifications

Model Length Weight Type
Normal 85 mm Approx. 20 g Sinking
HS 85 mm Approx. 27 g Sinking
XHS 85 mm Approx. 30 g Sinking


Length does not include the metal part at the rear. In addition, although there are some basic numbers in the design, the numbers are clearly displayed. 

* Similarly, the weight is based on a proper number in the design, but the number is based on the weight without the hook

* Some lures have the same shape but different weights depending on the type


γ was born in 2004 - Innovated in saltwater casting games. GT, amberjack, tuna, yellowtail etc. have a tremendous track record. In the 10 years since its birth, it has been modified 7 times. It is a special lure that incorporates the movement to strongly turn on the predation switch of the fish eater.  

Notes The following

applies to all lures manufactured by Carpenter.

① When attaching the needle to the lure, be careful not to pierce your hand with the needle when removing it.

(2) Do not use for any purpose other than fishing.

③ When throwing a lure, check the surroundings and make sure it is safe. Especially heavy lures are dangerous.

④ If the lure comes off from the hit fish, the lure may suddenly fly to the angler side. be careful.

⑤ When fishing, please protect with sunglasses, hat, gloves, clothes, etc.

⑥ Keep out of reach of children or toddlers.

⑦ Wood lures are easily damaged by needles and fish teeth when used.

⑧ Wood lure may absorb water and change its weight and balance.

⑨ Due to the nature of the material, metal parts cannot completely prevent corrosion. Please wash well after use.

⑩ The reflective sheet and sheet glue used for lures deteriorate over time regardless of whether they are used or not.

⑪ The body of a wood lure may crack if a fish is caught and the force of a lever is applied. Especially the rear part of the lure (even if it is hung once)

⑫ Most of the carpenter lures have a wire penetration structure. Due to this structure, the wire extends when a fish hangs on it. Also, the eye will rotate. (The eye may rotate even if the fish is caught once.)

⑬ Although every effort has been made in the manufacturing process, in rare cases burrs may come out from inside the through hole of the wire.

⑭ If the lure wire rusts, there is a risk of disconnection.