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Carpenter Split Ring

(2016) (revised) Split ring - Strong, highly resilient and easy to use, it has been very well received for use in both casting and jigging. Strength of "Carpenter Split Ring" Carpenter tried to raise it.  Strength has been increased by "a method to increase stability in making" and "a slight change in the shape of the ring" *1.Sizes range from 40 to 350lb. A new size of 125lb has been added. 

SIZE  1 peice weight
40lbs about 0.2g
60lbs about 0.3g
80lbs about 0.5g
100lbs about 0.6g
125lbs about 0.9g
150lbs about 1.1g
200lbs about 1.4g
250lbs about 1.6g
350lbs about 2.2g

What Changed?

Carpenter put everything from the prototype to the final product on a special tester and tested the strength while testing the strength on the tester and testing in the field.

Strength has definitely increased.

In the strength test that gave the average value of random shots of the finished product, the strength of the 40Lb to 150Lb size increases by 50 to 60%. 250Lb 350Lb has 25-30% more strength.

Restorability is not a tester numerical value, but an impression in actual fishing.

Carpenter feel that the resilience is improved from 40Lb to 80Lb. 100lb to 150lb is equivalent, 200lb to 250lb feels a little lower when using large ring pliers, but Carpenter don't think there is a problem in use.

Detailed finishing of the split ring The carpenter split ring is processed in various ways to increase its strength and resilience . As a result, the products before 2016 (revised) are the same, but when the number of split rings becomes smaller, it becomes difficult to cut the line, and the cut surface becomes rough. Polishing is performed to reduce the roughness of the cut surface, but some remains. It is caused by processing to give strength. Thank you for your understanding. There is no problem in use.