CB ONE C1 SEMILONG Saltwater Fishing Jig 130g

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C1 Semilong 130g 153mm

A standard jig that is effective for general blue-runners that are targeted by jigging, such as amberjack, yellowtail, and amberjack. Semi-long is especially good at swinging and flattening action with less amplitude that suppresses over-action so that it can be lured by a more natural action when the tide flow is weak and low activity. The polyhedral body design with dropped edges is firmly entwined in the water even in slow currents, producing lively and lively escape of small fish.

Lively Action

A natural invitation that works for low activity.

Short slide, action design that suppresses over-action of quick response. The 45:55 front center of gravity balance enhances the turning ability and allows you to accurately invite the throw with a more delicate action. Accurate left and right movements with few action mistakes and horizontal long fall that continues just by giving a line slug by precise balance settings thoroughly stimulate the target.