CB ONE D3 SEMILONG Saltwater Fishing Jig 142mm / 95g

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D3 Semilong 95g 142mm

Off the coast of Sotobo, Chiba Prefecture. A horizontal movement metal jig that was born based on the capture of amberjack that migrates in a vast 15-30m shallow root that spreads from Katsuura to Ohara. We thought that a jig with high mobility that responds like a minnow near the bottom is necessary for casting and jerk in horizontal and diagonal trajectories.

The input and gravity balance are specially designed for horizontal movement, realizing high followability to high speed action that cannot be achieved with conventional vertical jigs. Excellent rise that responds to rod work that is light enough to return the wrist, and turning performance that follows continuous movement enables high-speed combinations that interweave invitation changes such as short, one pitch, twitch, and stop. By manipulating with fast-paced rod work, D3's performance is maximized.

Level drive

horizontal track

A short dirt that wobbling by just winding and cutting by twitching. During the action, a no-action falling that imitates a taguri stick develops a high-speed combination of lure and bite.

Delta Balance

Body design with excellent horizontal holding

By maintaining a horizontal posture and suppressing the fall speed between actions, it achieves excellent lateral mobility. Respond to speed changes of various rod work by improving initial response and turning ability. Cast & jerk, dōTERRA sinking, and effective in horizontal and diagonal trajectories such as fast tide.