CB One G2 Sinking Saltwater Jig 183mm / 180g

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G2 180g / 183mm

High performance metal jig that supports various operating environments from vertical to shallow cast & jerk, regardless of input or load direction. Its peculiar shape realizes excellent starting performance, and responds swiftly to the strategy of the angler. From continuous action of swimming system using spinning tackle to basic one pitch, automatic action that does not require difficult operation. The stable posture that is created between movements has an extremely long holding time, and it is excellent in rising to the next action and the connection of actions is smooth. An outstandingly balanced design that floats against gravity.

Jet Propulsion

Extraordinary Propulsion

The design of the weight, which is widely distributed in the front and back, creates a strong propulsive force that makes the lure move itself. This spontaneous action enables a more lively and less uncomfortable production, and the rounded form stimulates the predatory instinct with rounded movements and waves. Jerk, twitch, retrieve, its operation is free. You can fully enjoy the pleasure of controlling the jig while feeling the light movement behavior in your hand.

Length Weight
183 mm 180 g