CB One HRM606 - Technical Jigging Shaft Jigging Rod

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HRM606 TECHNICAL JIGG'N SHAFT-PE2.5 to 3 power class, which is the most popular jigging. Excellent operation performance that gives life to jigs up to 150g. Targets Yellowtail and up to 8 kg class Amberjack.

The HRM606 gives the ability to sharpen the angler's strategy, which can detect the tide, jig movement, bottom condition, and even the movement of fish. In addition it gives excellent jig control at will in order to execute the operation accurately. The lifting power generated from the repulsive force controls the running of tough big game fish.


Operability - In the ocean near Japan, which is constantly exposed to pressure, it is necessary to be able to accurately execute the angler's strategy and to have operability that maximizes jig performance. It is the performance that HRM places the highest priority on. The action and repulsion speed have been optimized for the set jig weight, pursuing delicate control performance with a sense of operation.

Sensitivity-In order to convey more underwater information, we reduced the weight by minimizing blank, resins, parts, etc. In addition, all guides are equipped with titanium torzite, resulting in further weight reduction and improved line omission. The grip has a slender design with excellent holdability. It is easy to feel the behavior of the blank and greatly enhances the strategic performance of the angler.

Power & Torque-The HRM has a strong lift power to counter the running of the target fish. A delicate tip section that controls jig operation is fused with a belly & butt section that generates power that bends smoothly and returns sharply. When you stand the rod and fight, you can feel the whole rod lift like a spring. The material is mainly medium elastic carbon, and the durability is also improved.

 Model Length Drag Max Line Jig Weight Guides Grip (mm) Reel Seat
HRM606 6' 6 kg PE 2.5 ~ 3 150 g T-KGTT10~T-KWTG30 F/30 R/375 DPS18


About max drag value

Max drag is the maximum durable load value for horizontal holding. Up to 80% of the maximum value is the recommended initial drag setting at the time of actual fishing, and please adjust the drag flexibly according to the situation at the time of fighting. The actual destructive strength is more than the max drag value, but it has a safety margin against sudden loads such as drag performance and condition, ship shaking, and when fish start running vigorously.