CB One Z4 Vertical Motion Rear Drive Sinking Jig 105mm / 80g

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Quick Fall

A quick fall, a light pulling feeling, and a sharp response that responds to delicate input. The calculated center of gravity axis overcomes the weaknesses of the rear balance jig. The leaf-shaped body turns water resistance into movement and swiftly dances in the sea. Outstanding action and a complete body balance that is hard to get caught in the hook system. In addition to red sea bream it has a high track record in blue fish.

Vertical Motion

Vertical invitation to continue drifting in the predatory layer. It suppresses lateral movement and keeps the target's field of view even in deep zones and tides, and continues to gently drift the predatory layer for a long time. With input, the tail is flipped up and the posture is changed to the horizontal direction, and a dying bait is produced with a no-action natural fall. One-pitch throw using bait tackle in the vertical direction can bring out the features of Z4 to the maximum.