CB One Enfinity 80/16 Ultimate Dreamer Fighting Rod

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Infiniti is ideal for amberjack, yellowtail and other blue fish, GT, and tuna in Japan and overseas, to be thoroughly beaten under various conditions, with outstanding lifting power and durability, and to stand the rod under heavy load so that the angler can easily withstand it. Got the action. Affinity is a versatile power rod that has intermediate properties between a GT rod and amberjack rod, and is fully compatible with tuna games.

An action design that gives enough power from the tip to the berry and uses the entire rod from the tip to the rod butt to repel with extremely little power loss. You can experience the feeling that the lure flies and the lifting power that the fish floats with the rod standing upright just by bending back at the time of casting, and you can actually improve the flight distance and shorten the fight time for many fish. I was able to confirm by hanging.

A durability-oriented guide system that balances pull-out and operability according to the power class. For heavy class PE6 and above, a long foregrip is used to make it easier to raise the rod and fight. The reel seat and grip EVA are as thin as possible so that they can be gripped easily, and the EVA is tapered appropriately to pursue functional beauty. All models are equipped with backstop double nuts that minimize reel rattling even during long-term fights.


Blanks-Blanks with an emphasis on casting performance and fighting performance, where the power difference between the tip and bat is small and power is generated by the entire rod to receive the load. Medium elastic carbon is used as the main material, and sub-carbon reinforcement is put in place, and the action that power rises smoothly from the tip to the bat without any habit. If you raise the rod, the fish will float automatically, and it has excellent durability performance for the torque that springs up.

Guide System-Double foot guide specifications that emphasize durability from tip to bat for heavy line, heavy plug casting and long fight. In addition, the larger diameter of the SIC-S ring allows the line to be released smoothly, improving the flight distance and reducing damage to the binding part.

Grip Design-A slender taper design that is easy to grip and put in force, and is durable for a long time without getting tired. The balance between the front and rear lengths is adjusted according to the lure size and fighting style assumed in each power class, and the optimum function is exhibited at each position during casting, operation, and fighting. The size of the reel seat is selected according to the size of the reel to be mounted, and the double nut system securely holds the reel foot. All models have up-lock specifications that do not touch the screw or nut of the seat during operation.

EN80 / 16 Ultimate Dreamer

EN80 / 16 enables head-to-head competition with various super-large fish such as Iki, Goto, Amberjack over 20km in Tsushima, GT game in super difficult place, Ibaraki, Monster Kihada off Mie. Heavy plugs of 100 to 140g such as Ryan 230/250 and Zoro 270 are the best match. A large reel with PE8 and 170 pound leader can be swung all day long with less physical burden. The fulcrum position and smooth fulcrum movement that are difficult to extend even with ultra-high loads during fighting.

 Length Drag Max Section Cast Weight Line Guides Grip (mm) Reel Seat
8 ft 16kg / 35lb 2 pcs 160g PE8 MNST16/MNSG40 F/270 R 400 DPS20