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Studio Ocean Mark Blue Heaven L30Hi /R-NY/G (23) Jigging Reel Hi Model (Right Handle) Jigging Fishing Reel

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Studio Ocean Mark Blue Heaven L30Hi / R-NY/G (23) (Right Handle)

"BLUE HEAVEN" has led many jigging scenes.
The lightweight and compact L30, the all-rounder L50 for inshore waters, the L80 for expeditions to large blue-runners, yellowfin tuna, and mid-deep waters in inshore waters, and the L100 for tuna, large amberjack, and deep water.
We have a lineup of sizes that match various targets and fishing methods.

L shape drag lever

L shape drag lever followed by jigging lever drag models around the world .
It has an excellent shape that allows lever operation from the palming side even during straight pumping.

spool replacement

A representative feature proposed by SOM from the first generation BHL.
You can easily change the spool even on a rocking ship.

Lead design (utility model)

By making the edge part of the gearbox irregular, you can feel the lever position with your fingers without looking at the reel.

Super spool free (patent registered)

Two small-diameter bearings are supported when free, and a large-diameter bearing slides to support the bearings when hoisting.
The synergistic effect with the lightweight spool provides amazing spool-free performance.
In the jigging scene, it can be said that it is a "fishing performance" that allows you to put the jig into the bite zone first.

Left-right asymmetrical design (registered design)

A feeling of size that is easy to grasp while using a large gear with power.
It is the world's first jigging design proposed by SOM, with a large gearbox side and a small palming side.

Auto-return LD (utility model) *L30

The drag lever is interlocked with the rotation of the handle and auto-returns to the strike position.
It can also be used for aiming for root fish that hits the bottom where clutch type reels were advantageous, and for hairtail that actively takes fall bites. Taking advantage of the lever drag, you can also adjust the fall speed of the jig between FREE and MIN and bring it into the bite.

Semi-waterproof drag

Since the lever drag system has a drag washer on the side of the spool, if water enters from the gap between the spool and the frame, the drag performance will be significantly reduced.
A system with waterproof performance that does not reduce spool free performance while being a lever drag system is an idea only for BHL.

G40 cork drag washer

Focusing on the initial weight and drag force of the cork drag washer, the weak points of the cork drag washer, such as roughness of the surface and weak bending strength, were realized with a custom-made compressor to achieve smoothness and strength of the polished surface. We have developed the G40 cork drag washer.

Large diameter mountain module gear

The drive gear uses high-strength, high-strength brass material.
It is a mountain module specification that creates a powerful hoisting force that you can feel from the moment you wind it.

Aluminum forged machine cut gearbox and frame

The gearbox that houses the powerful core and the humum that smoothly transmits the power input from the handle to the spool from the gear to the spool are forged from aluminum and machined precisely using a machining center.

High-strength one-way bearing

BHL is a special specification that uses a custom-made anti-rust one-way bearing and is pressed into a machined case made of extra super duralumin.
Two are used for L100 and L80, and one for L50 and L30.

handle arm

L100 and L80 are standard equipped with 110/98mm handle arms, L50 is 95mm, and L30 is 85mm.

2 ball bearing bearing for pinion gear *L100

By extending the bearing part of the pinion gear and supporting it with two bearings, the pinion gear is prevented from shaking under high loads, and the engagement with the drive gear is stabilized.
As a result, the transmission efficiency of the hoisting force has increased by about 9% compared to the star drag reel of the same class.
*The photo is a prototype

Angular contact ball bearing (ACBB)

Angular contact ball bearings are angled on the inner and outer rings and are designed to withstand loads in both the rotational and axial directions.

drag setting

For L50 and L30, the adjustment range for 1 click is set to approximately 0.5kg, and the MAX position is set to add 2kg.
L100, L80 set 1 click to about 1kg. Based on the strike position, the drag force changes to minus 3kg to the MIN position, plus 3kg to the FIGHT position, and from there to plus 4kg to the MAX position.
Please set the strike position according to the line strength to be used.

easy maintenance

[Replacement of spool/drag washer/ball bearing]
The frame and gearbox can be separated by simply removing the screw on the gearbox side.
The spool can be easily removed, and by turning the waterproof cover, it is easy to grease the drag washers and lubricate the bearings.
The main shaft bearings and ACBB ball bearings, which are subject to wear and tear, can also be removed very easily


Spool replacement

Drag washer replacement

One-way bearing replacement

Self Maintenance Guide Video


BLUE HEAVEN L30Hi / R-NY/G (23)  6.3:1 (99cm) 7kg

PE2-700 (300)m / 1.5-1000(450)


410g Navy Gold