D-Claw Dapper 175 Saltwater Stickbait Lure 175mm / 84g

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D-Claw’s DAPPER 175 is a Diving Pencil 100% made in Japan!

Although it is small, it has a thick body, so it dives deeper than existing diving pencil baits and floats while shaking the body. The static action that is effective for yellowfin tuna is also outstanding.

  • Type: Floating popper
  • Length: 175 mm
  • Weight: 84g
  • Unsinkable hybrid construction
  • 1.8mm penetrating wire specifications for big target
  • No hooks attached
  • Recommended hook: 5 - 8g

※ The condition of the collar is sometimes different depending on goods for a short while. Please accept it beforehand.
※ The foaming resin is made the material, so the product is different in the weight respectively.
※ For quality improvement, a product sometimes changes specifications without notice.
※ Please don't leave in hot high humidity and in the car exposed to the direct sunlight, etc..

Length 175mm
Weight 84g
Type Floating
Material Special Hard High Foaming Resin