D-Claw Marino 180 Offshore Diving Pencil Saltwater Lure 180mm / 74g

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OFFSHORE CUSTOM diving pencil “MARINO180” from D-CLAW!

Standard size for offshore, it is 180mm and 74g with a balance that prevents error action even in waves. Attract fish with a diving action from a nearly vertical floating position. Primarily intended for use with a single hooks.

Equipped with a counterweight, the lure-type jerk performs S-shaped rolls and wobbling from side to side while creating bubbles. With a short jerk, you can make a fluttering dive while shaking your head from side to side, making it possible to approach the baitfish as if it had lost its escape and was panicking. 

The Offshore Custom series uses special hard foam resin for the body, achieving high buoyancy and high quality.