D-Claw Suimen Chop Tungsten Jig with BKK Hooks 100mm 31g

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A reborn water surface chop! -TG

Water surface chop reborn in 2023! T.G.
A specially designed tungsten weight is placed to achieve 100mm/31g.
It achieves stable swimming even with outstanding flight distance and high-speed retrieval.
Adopts a 1.4mm stainless steel penetrating wire, making it suitable for unexpected large objects.
Standard #3 hook manufactured by BKK.
Depending on the type of fish,
try replacing it with a single front and rear hook or a rear hook. In "Shirauo Color", the internal tungsten weight is painted silver
to pursue more realism . The two clear colors are coated with Keimura UV coating, which has an appealing effect on skipjack tuna. (Shirauo/Smoky only) Perfect for microbaits and whitebaits that are said to be impregnable! ! D-CLAW D-CLAW Water surface chop!TG ●Length: 100mm ●Weight: 31g