Decoy Jigging Single Cutlass JS-2 Single Hooks

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It is a hook with a tube dedicated to assist. Targeting a wide range of game fish from the bottom to the middle layer, it is also possible to create an assist hook according to the jig on board. A new basic that emphasizes outstanding hooking response and durability. From #1 to #6/0, M2J, which is compatible with highly elastic rods, is used as the material, and DTM processing is used to maintain hooking response to the point. For #7/0, #8/0, and #10/0, M1J, which is compatible with low-elasticity rods, is used as the material, and bullet-shaped Shell Points are used for the points. The bite part from the point to the torso is long to prevent baldness. In order to prevent timothy troubles in the eyes, burrs are coated with the Solid System to give a smooth finish.

#1 7
#1/0 7
#2/0 6
#3/0 6
#4/0 5
#5/0 5
#6/0 5
#7/0 2
#8/0 2