Decoy Round Snap Power Grip SN-17

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PG is a reinforced version of the lightweight and easy-to-handle round snap. By winding the end (power grip) and thickening the shaft, we have achieved an overwhelming increase in durability that sticks to the end. Recommended when preparing for unpredictable guest fish and large fish. From small plugging for trout, it also supports bass and light salt. 

● Power grip processing that suppresses shape change by expanding and contracting the whole when excessive force is applied.
● Round bent shape that goes well with various lure eyes, from 8-pin eye to Heaton eye.
-The shape reduces contact loss and reliably reproduces the lure's action.
●It is easy to attach to deep eyes that are difficult to set with conventional snaps.
● Uses a new material with strong elasticity and less metal fatigue.

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