Decoy Split Ring EX - Extra Strong R-11

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When facing a fish that is forced into a power fight, if the ring remains standard even after replacing the hook with a stronger one, that will be a weak point, so be careful. If possible, increase the strength while keeping the size! It is an EX wire specification split ring that fulfills such an angler's specifications. With its abundant size lineup, it can be used for many fish species and various methods.

●Strong type with thick shaft wire. About 50% stronger than the normal type. (compared to our company)
●Inner cut type for easy setting of lure eye and hook.
●Flat processing to maintain sufficient strength.

● Uses a treatment (ANTI CORROSION) that prevents rust.

SIZE 1+ 2+ 4+ 5+ 6+
CLASS 30lb 45lb 80lb 100lb 120lb
QTY 18 18 18 16 16