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DeeDee Designs PumpKing 3g / 60mm

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This popper is made of biodegradable plastic PLA and has been redesigned according to its performance and size.
Slender silhouette and horizontal float. While making a cute sound of Chapo Chapo, it attracts fish with a fine dock walk!
In addition, it is slim and easy to grasp as a key chain, and has an excellent shape that does not get in the way!
The pop color and design make it a perfect gift for both men and women!

*There is no plastic package from the viewpoint of environmental measures.
*Rings and hooks are not included with this product.

Recommended ring: #1
Recommended hook: #8 or #6 (for single spoon) Rings and hooks attached to spoons used in managed fishing spots are ideal.
Type: Popper (top water plug)
Length: 60mm
Wight: 3g
Filament: Reinforced PLA (polylactic acid made from plant-derived ingredients)
with strap (can also be used as a key holder)


Chinu, bass, catfish, area fishing, light top game in general.