Favorite AF-210 Aquafish mini model Bluefin Tuna (palm-sized figure)

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A bluefin tuna PVC minifigure that is popular not only in Japan but also around the world as a sushi ingredient and sashimi. The size makes it easy to display, so you can decorate it anywhere you like, such as around your desk or as an accent on a shelf. An information card that serves as a background mount is included. General supervision: Kazuyuki Moria

Pacific Bluefin Tuna

Classification: Tuna
Size: Body length about 60-300cm
Habitat: Seas near Japan, temperate and tropical waters on the Northern Hemisphere side

They migrate at high speed in groups from the surface layer to the middle layer offshore. They can swim at speeds of up to 70 km/h, and their spindle-shaped body allows them to swim long distances at high speeds. Because it opens its mouth and takes in air through its gills, it swims without stopping even once throughout its life. Due to overfishing due to soaring prices, the number of population has decreased to a serious extent, and it has come to be called "black diamond" due to the color and rarity of the fish body. Currently, they have succeeded in complete aquaculture, which was considered difficult.

Target age: 7 years old and over

● Because there is a risk of accidental ingestion or injury, Do not give to young children. -The figure has some sharp points in order to realistically reproduce the real creature. Please handle with care. 

● This product is intended for viewing, so please do not play violently by hitting or swinging it around. 

● Do not use or store near fire or heating equipment.