Hayabusa Jack Eye Kunekune FS419 Metal Sinking Jig with Hooks - 20g

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Jack Eye Kunekune Metal Sinking Jig for Vertical Jigging Fishing

Just roll it up and fish. Tie tail jig for realistic action Just roll it up and create life-like glossy action. The swinging tie attracts a variety of targets such as blues, root fish, red snapper, flat fish, and more. The hook setting on the tail part is less likely to get rooted than the triple hook, and it can be used in a variety of situations, such as beaches, surfs, and embankments. Can be used with shore offshore (super light jigging) Genre: Shore Jigging, Super Light Jigging. Target: General Blues, Flat Fish, Red Snapper, Ithaki, Roofish

Length: 47 mm

Weight: 20g