K-FLAT Gummy Vertical Sinking Jig - 200g

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The jig keeps stay horizontally by getting ” a pause” from jerking and falls from the head. Kingfish or Yellowtail which go after and try to eat the jig stimulate their appetite when they see “a pause”. The falling posture is just like that a bait which runs away after getting to be vertical and then slides and falls from the head.

The jig “Gummy” lets Kingfish or Yellowtail to make using their mouths. It is high dimension and supersensitive so you can feel that the jig gets stuck by the sea water and imagine the action and the position.

The best fishing result that ever proofed is the metal jig.


Features of Gummy | CHARACTERISTICS

The most distinctive feature is that the edge on one side receives a stream of water, and the body hoveres (keeps it in a horizontal position) as if a squid was chasing a squid or horse mackerel.

The most characteristic side edge gets current and the body hovers horizontally like that Squid go after Sardine, Horse macherel and others.

Gummy Surface Side

● About the shape of the eye | Shape of eye

Characteristic round eye.
At the time of jerk or retrieve, there is a split ring at the input fulcrum which is the center of the tip of the eye, but by inserting a "pause" in the movement, the split ring slides sideways in the round-shaped eye (the fulcrum shifts). At that time, tension is applied to the leader by the tide, and the jig bites the tide at the edge of the side and hovering, and then, due to the balance between the leader tension and the head weight, it falls as if the bait slides from the head side and "eats". It became possible to make it.

Gummy has characteristic round eye.
When jerking or retrieving the sprit ring slides in the round eye by putting “a pause” to the power fulcrum which is in the center tip of the eye. At the same time the reeder has a tension when the jig gets stuck and hovers by the sea water.

After that, by the balance between the reeder tension and the head weight the jig slides and falls from the head like that the bait runs away, which makes it possible to “stay and eat around”.

Gummy's characteristic round eye

● Gummy action image | ACTION IMAGE

The image of the basic operation is to make the action by entwining with the tide and not taking the jerk width. The image is that the jig is pulled by the rod while winding the line with the handle of the reel.

The load is applied to the jig at an angle that bends the rod, and the water wave that is characteristic of the jig is generated by reeling.

Furthermore, as an action that induces "eating" under tough conditions, "drift & fall" is effective, in which the jig is made to drift around the bottom (drift) and the fall invites a closer sense of distance between the fish and the jig. Target.

The image of the basic handling is a short jerk action in getting stuck by the sea water. That is pulling the jig by the rod with retrieving the line by the handle of the reel. You can take a load on the jig in an angle of bending rod and cause the characteristic waves in the water.

Moreover the most an effective action is “Drift & Fall” which is that under a tough condition let the jig to drift at the bottom to make a fish to “stay and eat around” and fall tempt fish to the jig more closely.