K-FLAT Kei Vertical Sinking Saltwater Jig 150g

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A design that imitates the movement of squids aiming at squids that flock to the middle layer with small one-pitch action without making flashy slides.

By adding sharpness to the one-pitch movement, the jig becomes a vertical posture and creates a feeding point. If you are fishing with a spanker, shift the jig insertion position little by little and look for the feeling of feeling the tide in the jig.

When fishing with jig, you want to be aware of the layer you want to pass, just like searching for KEI jig by the side. Both amberjack and yellowtail caught a number of sizes well over 10 kg at the test stage, and even in vertical fishing with a spanker, they hit over 20 kg of amberjack.

Features of KEI Jig

The KEI Jig is designed to mimic the movement of sardines that school in the middle of the water and squid that target them with a small one-pitch action without creating a flashy slide.

The KEI Jig creates a feeding point by making the jig assume a vertical position by adding a crisp, one-pitch movement. When fishing with a spanker, an angler shifts the jig’s feed position little by little, looking for the feel of the tide on the jig.

When fishing in NAGASHI (drifting the boat with the wind and current), be aware of the layer you want to pass through as you explore the KEI jig with a line. We have caught a number of sizes well over 10kg for both Hiramasa (King fish) and yellowtail in the testing phase, and have also caught over 20kg of Amberjack when fishing vertically with a spanker.