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Little Jack Metal Adict Type 04 Ultimate Realism Fishing Jig - 175g

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Metal Adict04

Metal Addict 04, which has both a more realistic form and a more compact design.
Developed so that you can bring it to your bite with action, form, and size.
Seduce the target with the asymmetrical body that flushes and the real form that looks like a bait.
Finished with a quality that sets it apart from ordinary metal jigs.
An assist eye that responds to angler's ideas is also included.
As with Metal Addict, it is possible to build an assist hook system and replace blades and assists.

Overwhelming results achieved by more compact and more realistic!

■More compact and real!
■Action well with both retrieve and falling
■Real asymmetric body and action make the target crazy to bite
■ Pursue further reality for lessening alarm of fish
■ The most compact in the series of Metal Adict